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 Primary Goal 

In the area surrounding BOAF the population exceeds 7,000 with approximately 45% less than 18 years old and 65% are low-income with a 65% female head of household with children.  As an economically distressed area, many families face conditions associated with poverty, limited education, high unemployment, poor housing and lack of adequate insurance or healthcare.


BOAF one of the entities of Moore & Associates collectively, are committed to providing a continuum of quality programs that are easily accessible and culturally specific.  BOAF will identify services needs of the residents in our area and use a holistic approach that encompasses and promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. We must address the “whole person – whole family” if the thirty square block area is to ever become the peace and prosperity zone we envision.  

We recruit, train, educate and empower community residents that are contently surrounded by negative environments to make the necessary changes in their communities to support the positive avenues they will need to successfully eradicate the negative forces of drugs, crime and violence in their communities.

Our DRUG FREE services are unique because we target not only those incarcerated/affected by the devastating disease of substance use/abuse, also those who are at risk as well.

We focus hard on the newcomer to the recovery process through a simple three-step process:

1) We promote temporary and permanent sponsors;

2) We act as liaison between AODA, Mental Health organizations, Community at Large and the Recovering Community;

3) We host events and meaningful activities designed to encourage family members and others to get involved in the recovery process.

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